Acid Sulfate & Dewatering Management Plan


MDW Environmental Services was contracted to prepare an Acid Sulfate Soil (ASS) and Dewatering Management Plan (DMP) for the redevelopment of a golf course in the Perth metropolitan area. The redevelopment included the expansion and deepening of a lake and involved a large volume of soil disturbance.

Soil testing indicated that there was potential for Acid Sulfate Soil disturbance and that soil excavated from the defined level would require neutralisation treatment. Groundwater data confirmed potential ASS and dewatering effluent was to require treatment to elevate the pH levels to make it suitable for infiltration.

MDW Environmental Services collected all monitoring and water laboratory testing of discharge waters. Field and laboratory validation testing was conducted on the excavated soils and soils that exhibited Acid Sulfate Soil characteristics were treated in accordance with the ASS Dewatering Management Plan.

Through the adherence of the ASS DMP developed for the site, discharge of dewatering effluent did not pose any additional risk to the surrounding environment. The management of soils excavated as per the ASS DMP also resulted in the prevention of any negative impact upon surrounding soils, ground and surface water.