Environmental Assessment Report


MDW Environmental Services was engaged to complete an Environmental Assessment Report (EAR) to document the details of all the environmental aspects of a Category 3 – Crushing of Building Material premises to allow the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) to complete an environmental risk assessment to assess the suitability of the business for works approval and licensing.

The EAR required MDW Environmental Services to investigate and consider a range of the business’ aspects, including:

  • Site Location
  • Description of the Process
  • Site Details such as Topography, Flora/Fauna, Surface Water, and Groundwater
  • Regulatory Context
  • Stakeholders and Community Consultation
  • Emissions and Discharges, including Dust, Noise/Vibration, Odour, and Storm Water

On completion of the report, MDW Environmental Services continued to work with the client and the DEC to obtain the license to prevent/minimise the potential for pollution from the site works.