No, Mobile Dewatering is a separate entity to MDW Environmental Services. We are a part of the same Group of companies

Our head office is located in Midvale, WA and our satellite office is located in Mandurah, WA

MDWES have capabilities to complete all of your soil testing needs from basic geotechnical testing right through to full chemical analysis. We complete testing on sites of all sizes from residential properties through to industrial, commercial and mining.

Our primary laboratory, ALS Environmental generally provides results in a 7-10day period. However, turn around of results can be altered to suit the Clients requirements

There are visual indicators of ASS as well as a potential hydrogen sulfide odour, however these are only indicators. Initial field testing is required and then ASS must be confirmed via laboratory analysis.

We use past experience, but all are calculated on a site by site basis based on excavation depths, dewatering timeframes and sub-surface soil conditions

DoW = 8-12 weeks from submission, however they try to prioritise dewatering jobs

DER = approximately 45 day turn around. We consistently request to have applications prioritised so that construction isn’t held up

Typical turnaround time is 7 business days. Fast turn around may be requested (some analytes this is not possible) for an additional fee

Many stormwater drains discharge into the Swan River. Years of unregulated discharge have caused the river to become degraded. Some discharge points are in low-flushing bays and environmental sensitive areas. Rivers and Estuaries (formerly Swan River Trust) have maximum contaminant levels which must be adhered to/less than before they allow discharge.

Groundwater below Perth, while plentiful is a finite substance. Dept of Water (DoW) regulates how much water is abstracted so that excessive abstraction is prevented.

Yes, but only at a discharge rate allocated by the Water Corporation. Sewer pipe diameters were not made with dewatering rates in mind, hence excessive discharge rates may cause pipe breakage

We can provide our clients with geotechnical services however this is achieved through a strategic partnership with a leading WA geotechnical firm.
An environmental auditor is not necessarily required on each site that is investigated. An environmental auditor may be required on a site by site basis particularly if the site has been classified by The Department of Environment Regulation (DER) as a known or potential contaminated site. The DER will direct accordingly.
Regulations do not permit environmental consultants to make recommendations. The client is responsible for engaging an auditor independently of MDWES and for a detailed list of accredited auditors in WA go to the following page: https://www.der.wa.gov.au/your-environment/contaminated-sites/53-contaminated-sites-auditors
MDWES has years of experience dealing with regulators so on a schedule of rates that suits your budget we can review and offer advice on how to proceed.
MDWES is always on the lookout for personnel who may be able to join our team. If you wish to be considered for potential vacancies you can email your detailed CV to info@environmentalservices.com.au