Perth’s Water, Land & Air Quality Management Specialists

MDW Environmental Services was established in 2007 to provide practical advice and services to meet complex environmental issues faced throughout Western Australia. The company was developed as a part of the MDW Group of companies which has been Western Australian owned and operated since 1972 with key companies including Mobile Dewatering, Prestige Pump Rentals and more recently MDW Aqua Hire and MDW Temporary Fence Hire to provide services to a wide array of industries including: Construction; Mining; Civil; and Composting.


Environmental Experts

Based in Perth with a Satellite office in Mandurah, MDW Environmental Services employs a highly skilled team of environmental scientists and environmental field technicians to provide cost effective and timely solution for environmental issues, including the monitoring and management of water, land and air quality in Perth, Peel and throughout regional WA.

Most recently MDW Environmental Services has expanded to servicing Queensland with the opening of two MDW Group offices in the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions.


Strategic Alliances

MDW Environmental Services has established a number of strategic alliances with other industry experts to ensure that clients receive the most accurate and up to date advice available. Strategic alliances include a geotechnical partnership with STATS WA; and hire, marketing and distribution for Ziltek equipment and products.


Health & Safety

MDWES is committed to managing Occupational Health and Safety as a pivotal part of its business model. The safety of our staff and clients is of paramount importance to us. MDWES prides itself on ensuring our personnel operate within our own ‘zero harm’ OH&S system as well as complying with our clients safety systems.

This is achieved through:

  • Defining roles and responsibilities for Occupational Health and Safety management;
  • Setting objectives and targets to eliminate work related incidents in relation to our activities, products and services;
  • Provision of sufficient resources to ensure OH&S management is included in all organisational activities;
  • Complying with statutory requirements, codes, standards and guidelines; and
  • Conforming to industry codes and guidelines of best practice.

MDWES integrates a number of strategies throughout its Health, Safety and Environment Management Plan to ensure its objectives are met; these include:

  • Providing ongoing communication and training to all of our personnel;
  • Consulting with staff and stakeholders to improve decision-making on Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental matters; and
  • Distribution of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental information.

We are also committed to assisting our clients in delivering good health and safety outcomes for their own staff and contactors and this extends to the provision of training services in hazard awareness, testing and compliance such as asbestos hazard awareness and respiratory protective equipment training and clandestine meth lab testing.

We will not compromise safety for profits.


Quality Assurance

MDWES is committed to providing high levels of customer satisfaction through the development and implementation of sound environmental advice utilising quality systems of work. Central to our system are qualified professional scientists and practitioners; experienced in their field, supported by the latest research and validated internal and external training.

Our mission statement: to deliver safe, innovative and practical environmental solutions in a cost effective and ethical manner is achieved through the high quality of work provided by our technical, field and administrative personnel.