Moltoni Group

Robert Moltoni

Moltoni Group

“Together with his committed staff and select professional consultants, Greg has completed tasks on-time and within budget, largely because of excellent communication, processes and procedures employed by Greg’s company

Greg and his company are very committed to the environment with a unique additional quality called; common sense solution mentality. Greg runs a value driven business for the customer first. He is innovative, professional and uncompromising.”



Ryan Oliver, Project Manager

West Coast Civil

“MDW Environmental Services have always provided  a customer based service that reflected the needs associated with Airport Projects.”


Paul Curtis, Director


“Greg Watts and his team, which is extensive, very easy and uncomplicated. They keep things simple, yet their professionalism is unquestionable.

To be able to make a phone call or send an email asking for clarification on issues relating to our core business is very comforting and I personally recommend their services to any business that needs services of this nature.”



Max Bennett, Site Manager

PACT Construction

“Thank You for the very informative interpretation of the results and discharge options. I needed some good news today. Excellent service.”



Bruce Hawkins, Manager

Burswood Park Board

“Thanks to MDWES for the sediment removal, the job went really well.”


Jim Kemp

Westbridge Property Group

“I passed along your details and let them know you did a fantastic job for us”